A significant percent of your day is spent at work, so the cleanliness of your office building really does matter. Having a dirty or poorly kept work space has a negative impact on employee health as well as morale. Whether you’re the boss, office manager, or just a concerned employee, remember that a clean and sanitary workplace will help reduce symptoms of allergies, reduce the spread of colds and other illnesses, and simply make coming to work more pleasant. It’s vital that you get started with improving your own work conditions, and those of the people around you.

Creating a Cleaner Workplace

Here are a few tips to put into practice regularly so that you can start reaping the benefits of a cleaner office.

  1. workplaceSplit up the work. Once you’ve made a sort of master list of all the cleaning tasks that need to be done in a week, divide it up between employees. Specify exactly what jobs need to get done, who is responsible for them, and when they need to be completed. Consider alternating tasks each week so that no one gets stuck cleaning the easily-clogged kitchen sink every single week. Don’t forget to assign yourself weekly tasks, too–if others see you doing your part, they will be much more likely to follow your example.
  2. Place trash bins and recycle bins strategically, and be sure they are emptied regularly. Each employee should generally have a can at his or her desk, to make throwing things away easier and prevent build-up of garbage and paper on their desks or on the floor. If your office works with a lot of paperwork, having plenty of well-placed recycling bins, as well as shredders for sensitive documents, will help both to reduce clutter and reduce waste. Then, make sure there is a plan in place for emptying every bin in the office–at least weekly for the recycle bins, and multiple times a week for trash cans.
  3. Place mats at the doors to keep floors cleaner. Help prevent dirt, rain, and mud from coming into the carpeted office area by placing mats at entrances.
  4. Keep the bathrooms sanitary. If you don’t have a janitor assigned to keeping the office bathrooms clean, make sure this is on your master list. Encourage employees to wipe countertops and sinks every time they notice standing water. Don’t forget to have floors, toilets, sinks, counters, and mirrors thoroughly cleaned a few times a week.
  5. Keep the kitchen consistently clean. Make a rule that the microwave, sink, and countertops need to be wiped down after each use to prevent buildup of food particles that will take a much longer time to clean off. Keep disinfectant wipes in easy reach so that there is no excuse for everyone to clean up after themselves. Instate a monthly deep cleaning for the refrigerator, as well.
  6. Have carpets cleaned at least annually. Along with regular vacuuming, having carpets professionally cleaned one or two times a year will help to extend the life of your carpet, prevent spread of germs and allergens, and keep the office feeling and smelling fresh.

For help with keeping tile, carpet, and upholstery clean throughout your office, call Royal Carpet Cleaning, and get to work creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier work environment.