Area Rug Cleaning

We are experts at area rug cleaning of all types and sizes

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On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

With an on-site cleaning, we’ll clean your area rugs at your home with a similar method as wall-to-wall carpet. We’ll use the truck-mounted hot-water extraction method along with the appropriate cleaning agents for your rug type. We deeply clean both the front and back of the rug. We offer deodorizer and protectant treatments as well.


In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning

An in-plant full-immersion cleaning is the deepest clean you can achieve for an area rug. With this method, we pick up your rug and take it to a facility where it is examined, lifted and tumbled to remove embedded dirt; it is cleaned with a mild color-safe shampoo, then we do spot treatments, we spin, rinse and hang to dry and thoroughly vacuum it. We’ll bring your rug back to you, clean and contaminant free. This process can take 1.5- 2 weeks.


Which Cleaning Method is Best For Your Rug?

Regular on-site cleanings will help extend the life and vibrancy of your rug by preventing fiber damage and contamination. If it has been years since you’ve cleaned your rug and if your rug has odor issues or heavy soiling, a full-immersion cleaning is the only way to achieve 100% odor removal and maximum dust and dirt removal.

If you are not sure what type of rug you have, we will examine your rug and give you our professional recommendations based on the condition, material and weave. Trust Royal to maintain and protect your valuable investments. Call today to speak with a specialist!

We specialize in cleaning both synthetic and natural fiber area rugs