Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho

From moderately soiled to extremely dirty carpets, our professional carpet cleaning process
gets out the dirt that others leave behind.


The Royal 4 Step Process

To begin, we apply our specialized heated solution to the carpet. This solution "attacks" dirt, grime, dead skin cells, and other contaminants that have become embedded in your carpets.

Spot Treatment: Certain spots require additional treatments in order to fully remove them. Examples are pet urine, tar, and soda. Our pricing is all inclusive, which means there are never additional charges to remove these items.

Agitation: All treatments are then gently scrubbed into your carpets to ensure the entire fibers are treated. This is one of the most important steps, and it's where most carpet cleaners go wrong. You wouldn't clean part of a dirty dish, and we won't clean part of your carpet.

Extraction and Clear Rinse: All loosened dirt and cleaning solutions are then extracted from your carpet using a clear water rinse. This is where we "take the dirt with us." At this point our professional carpet cleaning process is complete and your carpets are clean and dirt free.

  • Stain: A discoloration of the carpet. To eliminate, the staining color must be changed to match the color of the carpet, or removed enough to show the original color of the carpet.
  • Spot: An added ingredient to the carpet that has not changed the color, but has covered it enough so that the original color of the carpet cannot be seen. Examples are soda, food, or tar.

"We are not an 'image' based company, we are a RESULTS based company. Results are what we deliver, and results are what our Albuquerque customers get!"

cleaner carpet pictureYour Carpet Is Like A Big Air Filter

Like any air filter, your carpet needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The longer you let your carpet go without cleaning it, the worse off your indoor environment is. This means the air you are breathing is dirty and that can cause respiratory problems like Asthma.


Clean Carpet Helps AllergiesProfessional Carpet Cleaning Helps Allergies!

Allergy sufferers benefit from a clean indoor environment. Your Carpet traps all that dust and pollen so that it's not swirling around in the air. If you have all hard surfaces the dust has nothing to hold onto and you are left breathing it all in. Once your Carpet gets too full, it needs to be cleaned. This way the excess doesn't get into the air you breathe. So get your Carpet Cleaned as soon as possible and breathe easier.


Pet Stain Removal - Albuquerque

Accidents Happen

"I didn't doo it" (Even if Fred won't admit it ...We still clean it!)

Pet Urine Treatments

For mild contamination that has not contacted the padding of the carpet, we offer a topical pre-treatment. This treatment neutralizes odor-causing contaminants that have only made contact with the carpet, not the padding.

For moderate to heavy contamination (urine soaked through carpet into pad), we offer a deep treatment. For this treatment, we apply a professional-grade enzyme solution that contacts all areas of the carpet and padding in which the urine has come in contact with, We then use a special extraction tool to remove the treatment along with the urine. As with all our carpet cleaning treatments, we complete the process with a final rinse step.

For severe contamination, the only way to achieve 100% removal of odor and contaminants, is to pull up the carpet, clean the sub-floor underneath, replace the padding and sometimes even the carpet. In extremely severe cases, our deep treatments make a tremendous improvement until you are ready to replace the carpet.

Carpet Stain Resistance

Along with your professional carpet, you should get your carpet sealed. This is a great way to protect your carpet from the acidic and dying effects of pet urine, vomit and other accidents that often make their way to your carpeted floor. A sealer will reduce the likelihood of permanent stains.