choosing carpet part 2

So you’re thinking about choosing new carpeting for your home? Last month, we looked at some of the major materials that carpets are made out of, and when to choose each one. This time, we’ll talk about the different styles or weaves – the way the fibers are woven together to make a carpet. Different […]

6 ways to keep your home smelling nice in autumn

The smell of summer turning to autumn is one of the nicest smells in the world–fresher air, crisp drying leaves, and the ever-present scent of pumpkin spiced everything. Keeping it smelling nice inside your home can make the start of the season even more pleasant and comforting to your household and guests, but thankfully, you […]

How to Keep Your Home Free from Indoor Allergies Is it hay fever season already? You wake up in the morning and your head feels heavy, your thoughts muddled, as your eyes, ears, and nose are taken hostage by intense, cold-like symptoms: chronic sneezing, coughing, itchy, watery eyes.  Your throat feels excessively dry and prickly, […]

Does your favorite leather sofa look like it’s lost some of its lustre? Is your family couch spotted with every stain imaginable? Can you even remember what your furniture looked like when it was brand new? After years of wear and tear begin to obscure the vibrant color, unique patterns and detailing of your household […]

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Carpet Carpet cleaning: it’s usually your last priority as a business until the unwelcome odor starts driving customers away, or a leak in the roof forces you to take stock of your carpet’s health. Pet odors, smoke, dust, stains and foot traffic pose a constant threat to your carpet’s […]

5 Reasons Homeowners Should Clean Their Air Ducts Are you concerned about the air quality in your home? Are you spending more and more each year to heat the same amount of space? If you’ve noticed dirt build up around any of your indoor ventilation grills, there’s a good chance that your HVAC system has […]

5 Standard Carpet Cleaning Practises You May Not Know So what’s the best way to clean your living room area rug? Carpets can represent a significant investment in your home or business. Besides visually enhancing an interior, they can add comfort and warmth, while preserving the integrity of quality flooring. A clean carpet reflects an […]

Get Ready for the Holidays with Deep Upholstery Cleaning The holiday season is coming up, and there will be some serious traffic coming in and out of your home. Sure, there will be usual cleaning to get ready for company, from dusting to polishing, but what about your couches? Do you remember how your they […]

The benefits of air duct cleaning With the cold weather just around the corner, it is important to ensure your air ducts are free from any dirt or obstruction. Royal Carpet Cleaning understands that air duct cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of any home. Done regularly, it can help improve the efficiency […]

Ever Had a Stain That Just Won’t Quit? Every now and then something will fall onto the carpet that makes all the jaws drop in the room. When notoriously difficult items like red wine or soda soak a white carpet it could seem like you’ll never have a nice carpet again. No matter how many […]