What you need to know about commercial carpet cleaning

Low Moisture vs. Steam Cleaning facts

commercial carpet cleaning facts pictureWhen it comes to cleaning commercial grade carpet, there are two effective, but different ways to clean. There is truck-mounted, hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning or shampooing) and there is low-moisture encapsulation cleaning. The best method depends on a few factors such as the type of carpet and its condition.

Most businesses use commercial-grade glue down carpet. The reason they prefer this type of carpet is that it’s more durable and economical than the traditional made-for-comfort cut or loop piles used in residential environments. The short pile and tight looping of commercial-grade carpet makes it more dense and less prone to wear and tear. But just like any other carpet, accumulated dirt agitates the fibers and causes micro-abrasions leading to permanent wear and damage. The only way to maintain the condition and appearance of your carpet is to vacuum regularly and to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the two most popular methods:


  • Low-moisture; dries quickly
  • Eliminates wicking (spots that reappear)
  • Detergent is formulated for better soil resistance without the need of thorough rinsing. Features built-n protector, as well.
  • Quieter; can be done while employees are on premises; more secure (don’t have to leave doors open)
  • Best for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces; cleaning solutions are designed to brighten and deodorize
  • Makes vacuuming more efficient; your carpet becomes even cleaner each time you vacuum
  • Safe; non-toxic

Hot-Water Extraction

  • Uses more water; effectively rinses; takes longer to dry
  • Wicking more likely to occur (if this happens, we return to treat those areas)
  • Thorough and Ph-neutral rinse leaves carpet residue-free. Still requires additional protectant to be added to the carpet.
  • Requires hoses and loud machines; can only be done after hours.
  • Best for extracting hidden soils and killing germs on contact
  • For residential carpet with padding, this is the most restorative and deep cleaning method there is
  • Safe; non-toxic

For commercial-grade glue down carpet, we usually recommend encapsulation since there is usually no padding underneath. The padding is what necessitates the high-power vacuum that you get from a truck-mounted cleaning system. Encapsulation puts more emphasis on gently scrubbing the surface (with the right amount of pressure and the right material for the carpet). The cleaning solution actually encapsulates dirt, rendering the carpet cleaner each and every time it is vacuumed.

Choose Royal Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque to maintain your carpet because we specialize in both commercial and residential carpets. When you invite us to freshen up your carpet, we’ll automatically extend a 40% discount to your associates for residential cleaning services good for 30 days. You can trust that we will choose the best method(s) for your spaces. Sometimes a dual-process (a mix of both methods) is necessary for heavy soils. Or sometimes it’s best to regularly encapsulate, while periodically extracting. At Royal, we don’t just push one method because it is convenient. We understand that every business space is different and requires different methods to achieve the best results possible. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate. We also offer discounted maintenance plans.


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