Water damage in your home can be caused by roof leaks, frozen and burst pipes, flooding, and other plumbing emergencies. But no matter what the cause, it’s important to take action quickly to address the excess moisture to prevent problems for your home and for the wellness of your family.

Wet carpets and fabrics can create a dangerous situation in your home, especially if you have kids or pets. Moisture attracts bacteria, mold, and even parasites. These pathogens thrive in that sort of environment, and can cause sickness for your family. This is especially true if the water is contaminated, but unfortunately, it holds true even for clean water if it is not addressed within about 48 hours.

Clean or Replace?plumbing

Carpets and upholstery may need to be completely replaced following significant water damage. Contaminated water, which may appear black, contains sewage and so will usually necessitate a quick removal of all damaged materials. With clean water, which will appear white or clear, the main factor is time: how quickly are you able to have the water damage addressed?

It’s almost always a good idea to call a professional to assess the damage and determine what the best course of action is in your case. He or she will be able to analyze the various factors involved, including the amount of water, how long it was present, and the source of the water. He or she will also be able to recognize potential “deep” damage, which may not be readily visible. A thorough inspection will determine whether the carpet can be cleaned and restored, or whether it must be torn out and replaced.

Restoring Water Damaged Carpet

If your carpet can be salvaged, a carpet professional will treat it and restore it with the following process.

  1. Water extraction vacuum is used to remove all standing water from the area and water that has soaked into carpets.
  2. To remove excess moisture from the room, a dehumidifier is placed in the area.
  3. For approximately 12 hours, industrial fans are used to completed dry the area.
  4. Ideally, throughout this process, there should be little to no foot traffic over the drying area.
  5. Once the carpet is totally dry, the carpet can be professionally cleaned to remove stains and restore it to its previous texture and appearance.

It’s important to get the right person to diagnose your carpeting and do the job, otherwise, you run the risk of the damage becoming permanent, and having to replace everything after all.

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