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Royal Carpet Cleaning is the most professional carpet cleaning service in Albuquerque. Our goal is to provide honest, effective, and efficient service that is nothing less than the best. Whether its your carpet, upholstery or tile that needs cleaning we promise when you choose us we will leave your home looking better than it has in years. Our easy Carpet Cleaning Pricing Structure means no hidden costs which means no problems - so call us today to get started! We provide a no hassle experience, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Enjoy the Royal Treatment at Royal Carpet Cleaning of Albuquerque.

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Why should I hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

We like to view carpet cleaning as an art and a science - from the direction and treatment of your nap, to the PH balance of the product we use, we ensure the greatest care possible.  If your carpet isn't cleaned properly, it will become dirty more quickly, as well as become worn and damaged more quickly.  Our goal is to create a clean and comfortable environment that will last.

Why are there dark spots on my carpet a few days after cleaning them?

Dark spots and discoloration can happen soon after you clean due to soap residue left in the fibers. Soap is designed to attract dirt, so if it's left in the carpet, the dirt that comes in contact with it will stick. Our 4 Step Cleaning Process ensures that all detergents are removed, so that your carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

How do I clean my tile and brick?

Different types of tile and brick can require special care. Let our team of cleaning experts take care of your floor properly! Whether you have tile, grout, brick, ceramic, saltillo tile, carpet or all the above our team knows the way to take care of your floor so it looks incredible for years to come!