5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning: it’s usually your last priority as a business until the unwelcome odor starts driving customers away, or a leak in the roof forces you to take stock of your carpet’s health.

Pet odors, smoke, dust, stains and foot traffic pose a constant threat to your carpet’s wellbeing, and can severely reduce the appeal of your flooring. A healthy looking showroom carpet, however, conveys the impression of a business that takes pride in its appearance, as well as its offering.

The best protection is prevention, right? If you take steps to protect your carpet now, you’ll extend the life of your carpet, reduce the cost of maintenance and keep your interior an inviting, vibrant space to entertain, work, or do business.

Businesses and home owners alike can benefit from these five popular methods of carpet protection. These solutions require a minimum level of expertise to implement, but there are also professional carpet cleaning services to do the work for you as well.

  1. Carpet Padding: Carpet padding can help reduce the impact of heavy furniture on plush surfaces, and make your carpet more comfortable. Padding can be placed directly under your area rug to add an extra layer of cushioning, smooth out uneven floor services and distribute weight more evenly across the area. Caster cups can also be applied to the bottom of sofa legs to reduce unseemly craters left behind. Carpet pads are ideal for anchoring your valuable area rug securely to a wooden floor.
  2.  Stair Nosing Products: Did you know that most building codes require adequate stair nosing to be installed in commercial, industrial and municipal stairwells? Stair nosing products are available in rubber, vinyl, or metal, and are designed to prevent slipping and keep stair carpets firmly in place. They can be installed with little technical expertise, and are shaped to run along the edge of each step. Amstep is a reliable and trusted supplier, but a local home hardware store or household section at Walmart will also carry stair nosing.
  3. Carpet Deodorizer Products: Perhaps the most common carpet product, household deodorizers are chemical powder agents that can be applied directly to your carpet. They filter deep down to the roots of the carpet, where stains and odors fester. Once the carpet absorbs the chemical agent’s sanitizing odor, the agent can be removed by thorough vacuuming. Individuals who suffer from dust allergens, however, will want to keep the home well-ventilated during cleaning, to avoid redistributing dirt in other places in the home. If you’re concerned your ventilation may need cleaning, check out our air duct cleaning services.
  4. Fabric and Upholstery Protector: A water-resistant stain repellant that can be applied to carpet surfaces and upholstery. They work effectively on natural and synthetic fibres. Scotchgard, by 3M, is a very popular brand.
  5. Carpet Film: A durable, slip-resistant plastic film or cover can be purchased and rolled out over your area rug or carpet to protect it from excessive wear and dirt during times of high traffic. Carpet film is usually self-adhesive and can be easily removed with the use of a film applicator. Plasticover is a trusted company based in California that provides rolls of film as well as applicators to enable ease of use.

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