It can be really difficult to keep furniture clean with pets in the picture. Between shedding, “accidents,” tracking food and dirt around the house, and all the unexpected messes, furry friends can get furniture quite dirty with very little effort. It can seem almost impossible to stay ahead of them and keep the house and the furniture clean.

Keeping Pets off Furniture

There are a few different methods for keeping things clean and keeping pet hair off furniture. If a pet is very hairy or messy, it may be ideal to keep him or her off the furniture in the first place. This involves a lot of training and providing good alternatives. Training a pet to stay off furniture is easiest if there is a different place for him or her to go, such as a comfy dog bed or cat condo, or a designated pet-friendly piece of furniture (probably something with a dust cover on it that can be easily cleaned).

Using treats when he or she follows directions to stay off furniture is also a good incentive. Plus, keeping human food off of furniture (i.e., don’t eat on the couch) can help – if dogs associate furniture with food and crumbs, it’s harder to keep them off of it.

Other ways to make furniture less desirable may take a bit more effort. Placing aluminum foil on furniture will create a loud noise when pets walk on them that will be very unpleasant for them, and start to train them to stay off. Dogs and cats also dislike citrus and bitter apple scents, so scenting the furniture will be a strong deterrent. (However, make sure not to damage cushions by spraying them directly with scented oils.)

Keeping Fur off Furniture

For houses where pets are allowed on furniture, there are ways to prevent too much dirt or hair from building up oncouch with cat furniture. Using washable slip covers on furniture to protect it and using washable throw rugs in heavy pet traffic areas will help to collect pet hair and debris. Keeping pets well-groomed and keeping paws clean will also help keep furniture and floors tidy.

If furniture is already pet-ridden and hairy, there are lots of tools available to help with cleaning up after pets. Electrostatic cloths, lint rollers, and specialized vacuum cleaners make controlling pet fur easier, especially when used often.

When it’s Time to Have Upholstery Cleaned

But unfortunately, pet messes are not always limited to fur and fuzz. When other not-so-nice specimens, as well as dirt and grit, end up on upholstery, it may be time for an upholstery cleaning. Dirt can become ground into furniture very easily, and can become abrasive to the fabric. Having it cleaned will help to extend the life of the furniture and make it beautiful again.

Royal Carpet Cleaning also offers sealant for upholstery, which can make it more resistant to stains and wear and tear in the future. Call Royal Carpet Cleaning to give your upholstered furniture the royal treatment and keep it looking new for years to come, pets or no pets.