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A significant percent of your day is spent at work, so the cleanliness of your office building really does matter. Having a dirty or poorly kept work space has a negative impact on employee health as well as morale. Whether you’re the boss, office manager, or just a concerned employee, remember that a clean and […]

Spring is finally almost here, and with the freshness of spring in the air outside, it’s time to freshen things up inside, as well. It’s time to get rid of the musty and dank smells from too many people being cooped up all winter. Spring cleaning might seem like a lot of work, and the […]

Water damage in your home can be caused by roof leaks, frozen and burst pipes, flooding, and other plumbing emergencies. But no matter what the cause, it’s important to take action quickly to address the excess moisture to prevent problems for your home and for the wellness of your family. Wet carpets and fabrics can […]

In the last two months, we’ve discussed carpet materials and carpet styles to determine what type of carpet options will best meet your needs for appearance, use, and durability. But before you make the investment on buying new carpet, it’s important to also consider the quality of the carpet. A poor-quality carpet, even at a low […]

So you’re thinking about choosing new carpeting for your home? Last month, we looked at some of the major materials that carpets are made out of, and when to choose each one. This time, we’ll talk about the different styles or weaves – the way the fibers are woven together to make a carpet. Different […]

Purchasing new carpet is a big investment and all the options available to choose from can be mind-boggling. Whether you’re moving into a new home with poorly chosen carpet color or style or adding new carpet into a previously uncarpeted area, selecting the best material, style, color, and quality can be a complicated ordeal. To […]

The smell of summer turning to autumn is one of the nicest smells in the world–fresher air, crisp drying leaves, and the ever-present scent of pumpkin spiced everything. Keeping it smelling nice inside your home can make the start of the season even more pleasant and comforting to your household and guests, but thankfully, you […]

Summer is the Worst Time of Year for Your Floors While summertime is usually your kids’ favorite time of year, it’s usually not your floors’ favorite time of year. Summer means kids coming into the house with all kinds of soiled hands and feet. It also means barbecues, with family and friends tracking their messes […]

How to Keep Your Home Free from Indoor Allergies Is it hay fever season already? You wake up in the morning and your head feels heavy, your thoughts muddled, as your eyes, ears, and nose are taken hostage by intense, cold-like symptoms: chronic sneezing, coughing, itchy, watery eyes.  Your throat feels excessively dry and prickly, […]