how to make grout white again

Grout in floor tiles and shower walls can get stained and caked with all sorts of things–mold, dirt, grime, soap scum, and the list goes on. It’s no surprise when it’s dirty, but it can be a real pain to clean. If you’re looking to make your grout look new again, the first step is […]

Purchasing new carpet is a big investment and all the options available to choose from can be mind-boggling. Whether you’re moving into a new home with poorly chosen carpet color or style or adding new carpet into a previously uncarpeted area, selecting the best material, style, color, and quality can be a complicated ordeal. To […]

products to clean your carpet

When a spill or an accident happens on the carpet, many people have developed an automatic response: douse it with chemical-laden spray to try to keep the stain from setting in. While some of these products can be very effective, they can cause breathing difficulties for some people and may even be harmful over the […]

keeping furniture clean with pets

It can be really difficult to keep furniture clean with pets in the picture. Between shedding, “accidents,” tracking food and dirt around the house, and all the unexpected messes, furry friends can get furniture quite dirty with very little effort. It can seem almost impossible to stay ahead of them and keep the house and […]

carpets clean in summer

Summer is the Worst Time of Year for Your Floors While summertime is usually your kids’ favorite time of year, it’s usually not your floors’ favorite time of year. Summer means kids coming into the house with all kinds of soiled hands and feet. It also means barbecues, with family and friends tracking their messes […]